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Monday, December 3, 2007

Low Calorie 'EggNog'

It's not really eggnog, but it tastes like it, and it's a very low-cal version. Only 98 calories per serving, and that's a whole lot better than the whopping 400 that the regular kind has.


Low Calorie Eggnog

5 cups light vanilla soy milk
1 sm package (4 serving) package instant sugarfree fat free vanilla pudding mix
6 no calorie sweetener packets
1 tsp imitation rum extract
1/2 tsp nutmeg

Combine all ingredients in a blender. Blend on high until mixed thoroughly. Refrigerate for a few hours to allow nog to thicken. Makes 5 servings.
Per serving: 98 calories and 1 gram fat

Monday, November 19, 2007

Corn and Red Pepper Soup

This is a favorite soup of mine. The vegetables taste great together, and it's a thick soup that I serve with sour cream, chopped avocado, and finely chopped red pepper on top. Hearty yet elegant, it's a great soup, and it's easy to make. You don't have to puree it if you don't want to, but I like the creamy texture it gives the soup. As always, I have made it vegetarian, but you can use chicken broth if you prefer. I've also made it fairly thick, but you can thin it down with more milk if you like it thinner.

Corn and Red Pepper Soup

2 tablespoons butter
1 pound fresh or frozen corn kernels or 2 cans of corn, drained
1 large tomato, diced
1 red bell pepper, diced
1 small yellow onion, diced
3 garlic cloves, chopped
2 tablespoons all purpose flour
2 cups vegetable broth, canned or homemade
2 cups cream or milk (fat-free, if preferred)
Red pepper, to taste
Salt to taste
Sour cream, chopped avocado, and finely chopped red pepper, for topping.

Melt butter in a large soup pot or Dutch oven. Add corn, tomatoes, pepper, onion and garlic. Stir vegetables over medium-high heat until lightly caramelized. Add flour and cook for 2 to 3 minutes.

Add broth, and let simmer for about 30 minutes. Remove from heat and cool slightly. Puree in batches until smooth. Add milk to pan and reheat gently, never boiling. Season with red pepper and salt.

Serve soup topped with diced avocado, diced red pepper, and sour cream.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Welsh Tomato Rarebit

This tasty cheese dish is perfect for a snack, or makes a great light dinner or lunch. Just add a green salad on the side, and maybe put some ham or bacon as a topper to the toast you serve it on. It's great for the chilly days and nights of fall, and it's a snap to make. This is a bit of a variation because I've added the tomato, but I like it better that way. You can leave it out if you want.

Welsh Rarebit

2 tablespoons butter
1 tablespoon all-purpose flour
3/4 cup milk
3/4 cup diced tomatoes (canned or fresh)
1/4 teaspoon prepared yellow mustard
1 Tablespoon worcestershire sauce
1 tsp red pepper
2 eggs
1 cup shredded Cheddar cheese
salt and pepper to taste

Melt the butter in a heavy Saucepan over medium heat. Stir in flour until smooth, then continue to cook and stir until lightly browned, about 10 minutes. Gradually stir in milk and simmer until thick, stirring the whole time. Remove from heat.

Stir the tomatoes into the sauce. Whisk together the mustard, pepper, worcestershire sauce, and eggs; stir into tomato mixture. Set the saucepan over very low heat or a double boiler.

Stir in the cheese, and season with salt and pepper. Continue to cook, stirring occasionally, until cheese has melted.

Serve over whole grain toast.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Black Bean Soup

This is a great, quick bean soup. You cut time by using canned black beans and refried beans, but don't add any extra salt. There's plenty in the canned beans. You can cut down on the salt content by using your own beans, or by rinsing the canned black beans.

This soup is wonderful on a cool night. I love soup, and this is one of my favorites. It's very filling and satisfying. I make a lot of my soups vegetarian, since I live with one, but you can always substitute chicken broth for the vegetable stock that I use, and you can add cubed ham if you want. It's good either way.

Black Bean Soup

1 teaspoon olive oil
2 cups salsa
2 15-ounce cans black beans, drained and rinsed
2 cups vegetable broth
1 16-ounce can refried beans
1/2 cup sour cream
1/4 cup fresh cilantro, roughly chopped

Heat the oil in a saucepan or large pot over medium heat. Add all but 1/4 cup of the salsa and cook, stirring occasionally, for about 5 minutes. Add the refried beans, black beans, and broth and bring to a simmer. Cook until warmed through, about 5 minutes. Ladle into bowls. Top with some of the remaining salsa and the sour cream and cilantro.

Butternut Squash Soup

This is one of my most favorite soups. It's great in the fall, when butternut squash are in season. Mildly sweet, it's perfect for those cool nights (or even when it's still warm). I like it with lots of black pepper, as a counterpoint to the sweetness of the squash. It's a simple yet elegant recipe; you can't mess this one up, it's just too easy.

Butternut Squash Soup
4 leeks, rinsed and chopped *see note on how to clean and rinse a leek below*
1 butternut squash (2-3 pounds), cut into 1-inch chunks
1 bay leaf
3/4 teaspoon salt
5 cups vegetable broth
1/4 cup shelled raw pumpkin seeds (optional)
1 tablespoon fresh rosemary
2 teaspoons olive oil
Black pepper, to taste

Place the leeks, squash, bay leaf, salt, and broth in a large saucepan. Bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer gently until the squash is tender, about 12 minutes. Let cool for at least 10 minutes. Discard the bay leaf. Puree the soup in batches and rewarm over medium-low heat.

Meanwhile,roughly chop pumpkin seeds and rosemary on a cutting board. Heat the oil in a skillet over medium heat. Add the seeds and rosemary, stirring occasionally until fragrant, 2 to 3 minutes. Ladle the soup into bowls and top with the seeds and rosemary. Sprinkle with black pepper, to taste.

*How to Clean and Rinse a Leek
Leeks are often very dirty in between the layers, especially if you buy them from a farmer's market. To clean them without making a huge mess, this is an easy way:
Cut off the dark green part of the leek, and peel one layer off the outside. Then slice the leek lengthwise, almost all the way to the root, but do not cut through it. Rinse the leek under cold running water to remove the dirt between layers. It won't fall apart because you haven't cut it all the way down, but you can separate the layers with your fingers as your rinse.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Roast Chicken or Turkey

Perfect Roast Chicken or Turkey
One chicken or turkey, any size (if you have brined your fowl, no salt is required in the seasoning of your bird. If you salt it after brining, it will be too much)
Olive oil
Onion, quartered
Carrot, unpeeled, chopped roughly
2 or 3 garlic cloves, whole
Dried parsley or fresh, chopped roughly
Dried thyme or fresh, chopped roughly
Butter, room temperature

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.

Add thyme and parsley to room temperature butter and stir together.

Rub fowl with olive oil all over and place herbed butter under the skin, especially on breast area.

Season the cavity with herbed butter or just herbs, and stuff with onion, garlic and carrots.

Place breast side down in a large roasting pan. I know most people will tell you breast up, but this will result in a much juicier breast. The last twenty minutes of roasting you can turn it over to crisp up the breast skin. Alternatively, you can use one of those roasting bags, and there will be no turning required.

Roast for 20 minutes per pound, or until fowl is golden brown and tender and juices run clear.

That's it. It's that simple, and it's good.

Brining Chicken or Turkey Before Roasting for more flavorful, juicier meat

Brining will provide juicier and more flavorful meat. Chickens or turkeys you buy in the store don't have the flavor those old barnyard chickens used to have, so brining is a perfect way to add in the flavor.

The brining process forces water into the muscle tissues of the meat by a process known as diffusion and osmosis. The additional moisture causes the muscle tissues to swell and hold more water, and will make the meat more moist and tender. Any spices, herbs, or other flavorings you add to the brine solution will get taken deep into the meat along with the water.

The brining mixture and the chicken are placed in a large pot and stored in the refrigerator during the brining process, or alternatively, you can put it in a cooler and close the lid. Leave the chicken or turkey to soak for approximately one hour per pound. If your chicken or turkey is large and needs to soak a while and you're using the cooler, you can add ice periodically or use those blue ice thingies in the water. But I recommend using the pan in the refrigerator. Keep the fowl down in the water by weighting it with a brick or a plate or anything heavy in a freezer bag (or just turn it over once in a while).

Be sure to rinse well before cooking.

Perfect Brining Recipe

1 gallon water

3/4 cup kosher salt

2/3 cup sugar (only if grilling, frying, or broiling the chicken or turkey, not if you're roasting. See note below.)

3/4 cup soy sauce

1 teaspoon each of dried tarragon, thyme, black pepper

1/4 cup olive oil

Start by boiling the water and then adding the salt and sugar, so that it will dissolve easier. Then add the spices to the hot liquid so that the flavors are extracted. Cool the brine solution.

**If you're going to broil, grill, or fry the turkey or chicken, you can add sugar in amounts equal to the salt. Sugar, in the brining solution, will add flavor to the chicken and will improve the natural caramelized flavor that occurs when the meat is grilled or fried. Don't use it if you're roasting, if the pan drippings are going to be used for making gravy, or if you're cooking any vegetables in with the fowl, adding sugar to the brining solution may result in gravy and vegetables that are too sweet.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Roast Garlic Mashed Potatoes

These are great served with the pot roast. If you don't love garlic, cut down on the amount you use. Never use an electric mixer to mash potatoes, it breaks down the gluten and makes them gluey. Mash with a fork, or use a hand masher. Lumps are good.

Roast Garlic Mashed Potatoes

1 medium head garlic
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 pounds russet potatoes, peeled and quartered
2 tablespoons butter
1/4 cup milk
1 tablespoon romano or parmesan cheese, grated
salt and pepper to taste

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.
Drizzle garlic with olive oil, then wrap in aluminum foil. Bake in preheated oven for 1 hour.
Bring a large pot of salted water to a boil. Add potatoes, and cook until tender, about 15 minutes. Drain, cool and chop. Stir in butter, milk, cheese, and salt and pepper.
Remove the garlic from the oven, and cut in half. Squeeze the softened cloves into the potatoes. Mash to desired consistency.

Pot Roast

Pot roast is one of my favorite dinners. It takes longer to cook, because you have to melt that tough connective tissue, but you don't actually have to do much to it. Turn it to a low simmer, and let it cook away. Make sure you use a pan with a tight fitting lid, or your pot roast may turn out dry. If using a slow cooker, just brown the meat, then put it in the cooker. Serve with a spinach salad and garlic mashed potatoes, or add carrots and potatoes to the pot.

Pot Roast

3 to 4 lb of beef shoulder or boneless chuck roast
1 Tbsp olive oil
salt and pepper to taste
1 large onion, chopped
4 cloves of garlic, peeled
1/2 cup of red wine

Use a thick-bottomed covered pot, such as a dutch oven, just large enough to hold roast and vegetables. Heat 1 Tbsp of oil on medium high heat (hot enough to sear the meat). Sprinkle and rub salt and pepper all over the meat. Brown roast in pot, all over, several minutes on each side. Don't move the roast while a side is browning, or it won't brown well.

When roast is browned, add garlic and chopped onion to the bottom of the pan. Let the roast sit on top of the onions. Add 1/2 cup of red wine. Cover. Bring to simmer and then adjust the heat down to the lowest heat possible to maintain a low simmer when covered.

Cook for 3 1/2 to 4 hours, until meat is tender.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Cucumber Salad

This is a simple cucumber salad, and it's great for when you have a surplus of cucumbers. Tasty.

Cucumber Salad
2 tablespoon vinegar
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon olive oil
1/2 tsp sugar
1 cucumber, unpeeled and thinly sliced

1. In medium bowl, with wire whisk, mix vinegar, salt, sugar, and oil until blended.
2. Add cucumber and toss to coat.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Corned Beef Hash

Don't wrinkle your nose like that. This stuff is actually good. I like to shred the corned beef, not chop it, but you can chop it if you want. Use leftover baked potatoes from last night's dinner; if you don't have leftovers, nuke one in the microwave, poking it full of holes with a knife and turning it over halfway through the cooking time.

Corned Beef Hash

* 2 to 3 tablespoons butter or olive oil
* 2 cups cooked corned beef
* 3 cups cooked, chopped potatoes
* 1/2 cup chopped onion

Melt butter in a large skillet over medium-low heat. Add corned beef, potatoes, and minced onion; spread evenly in the skillet. Brown on one side; turn with a spatula and brown the other side. Continue turning until most of the meat and potatoes are well-browned. Sprinkle with salt and pepper, to taste. Serve with fried egg on top.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Jamaican Jerk Shrimp

This is one of my favorite meals; it's quick, easy, and delicious. I love shrimp, and it's quick cooking and economical. If you don't want to fire up the grill for the five minutes, tops, that it takes to cook this, broil them in the oven. Careful, though; shrimp doesn't take long to get tough, and this requires only about a minute for each side.

1 dozen large shrimp, peeled and de-veined
1 teaspoon dried thyme
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon Curry Powder
1/4 teaspoon sugar
3/4 teaspoon dried sage
1/4 teaspoon cayenne
3/4 teaspoon ground allspice
1/2 teaspoon paprika
1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon
2 teaspoons canola oil
1/4 teaspoon ground nutmeg
1/8 teaspoon ground cloves
1 large clove garlic, minced

Mix all spices together. Toss the shrimp in the bowl to coat well.

Then grill, 1 to 2 minutes on the first side, about 30 seconds to 1 minute on the other. You can thread them on skewers first if you want; it makes them easier to turn. Make sure you soak wooden skewers in water for about 20 minutes before you do it, though, or you'll set your skewers on fire.

If you absolutely don't have the five minutes it takes to make this seasoning, you can buy a reasonable alternative. I've used this kind before, and it's pretty good.
Jamaica Jerk Salt Free Seasoning Blend 1 lb: C

Here's my apron for when I'm cooking shrimp:

Who ordered the Jumbo Shrimp?

Black Beans and Rice

This is one of my favorite dishes. I serve it with chopped raw onions on the top, and lime wedges and avocado slices on the side. It's also great without the rice, and potatoes as a side dish. I roast them in the oven with olive oil and garlic. Great economical dish with wonderful taste.

Black Beans and Rice

Makes 7 Cups

* 1 lb. Dried Black Beans (3 cups)
* 8 cups Water
* 6 Cloves Garlic; Crushed
* 2 Tbs. Dried Oregano
* 1 Bay Leaf
* 2 tsp. Olive Oil
* 1 Large Onion; Chopped
* 1 Red Bell Pepper; Chopped
* 1 Tbs. Ground Cumin
* 1 Jalapeno Pepper; Seeded and Chopped
* 2 Tbs. Balsamic Vinegar
* 1 tsp. Salt
* Freshly Ground Black Pepper to Taste
* 2 cups Long-Grain White Rice

Soak beans in cold water overnight making sure all beans are covered by 2-inches of water.
Drain and rinse beans.
Place in a large soup pot or Dutch oven.
Add 4 cups of water, garlic, oregano, and bay leaf.
Bring to a boil, then reduce heat to low. cover and simmer until beans are tender, approximately 2-hours.
Remove bay leaf and discard.
Heat olive oil in a large skillet over medium heat.
Add onion and pepper, cook, stirring occasionally until softened for about 5-minutes.
Add cumin and jalapeno, cook, stirring until softened for approximately 1-minute more.
Stir onion mixture and vinegar into beans.
Season with salt and pepper to taste.

Meanwhile, in a medium saucepan, bring remaining 4 cups of water and 1 tsp. salt to a boil.
Add rice, cover and reduce heat to low. simmer until rice is tender and liquid is absorbed, approximately 15 to 20-minutes.
Serve the beans over the rice with lime wedges on the side of the serving dish.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Easy cupcake recipe

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This is the easiest cupcake recipe ever, and it makes perfect cupcakes every time. After they're done, unleash your creativity and decorate at will. At Halloween, orange icing and I make spiders out of a piece of hard candy and licorice for legs. At Christmas, red icing with a piped Santa Claus hat . . . you get the picture.

• 2 1/4 cups all purpose flour
• 1 1/3 cups sugar
• 3 teaspoons baking powder
• 1/2 teaspoon salt
• 1/2 cup shortening
• 1 cup milk
• 1 teaspoon vanilla
• 2 large eggs

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Line cupcake pans with paper liners.

Combine flour, sugar, baking powder, and salt in a large mixing bowl. Add shortening, milk, and vanilla. Beat for 1 minute on medium speed. Scrape side of bowl with a spatula.

Add eggs to the mixture. Beat for 1 minute on medium speed. Scrape bowl again. Beat on high speed for 1 minute 30 seconds until well mixed.

Spoon cupcake batter into paper liners until 1/2 to 2/3 full.

Bake for 20 to 25 minutes or until toothpick inserted in center comes out clean.

Cool 5 minutes in pans then remove and place on wire racks to cool completely.

Decorate, eat, and enjoy.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

French Toast

This is an excellent, quick breakfast. I used day old or stale bread to make this, because this is exactly why this recipe was invented. French Toast

2 large eggs
1/3 cup milk
1 tablespoon sugar
1/2 teaspoon vanilla
1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
4 slices of bread

In a shallow dish, beat together eggs, milk, sugar, vanilla and cinnamon until well blended.

Heat an oiled skillet over medium heat until just hot enough to sizzle a drop of water.

One slice at a time, dip bread in egg mixture on each side.

Place bread in hot pan, cook on both sides about 4 minutes or until golden brown, and no visible liquid egg remains.

Serve immediately. Syrup, fresh fruit slices, and powdered sugar sprinkled on top are especially good. I love this with strawberries.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Eggplant parmesan

This is a great eggplant parmesan recipe for when you're in a hurry. You cook the eggplant in the microwave, and it doesn't take nearly as long, plus, you don't fry them, so you cut out a lot of calories. It's still good, and it takes a lot less time to prepare. Quick, easy, and delicious.
1 lg. eggplant (1 1/2-1 3/4 lb.)
1 cup bread crumbs
1/4 c. grated Parmesan cheese
2 tbsp. butter or margarine, melted
2 c. spaghetti sauce
1 1/2-2 c. (6-8 oz.) shredded mozzarella cheese

Pierce skin of eggplant several times. Place on paper towel in microwave at high 6-7 minutes. Roll over 2 times. Let cool. Cut into 1/2 inch slices. Combine breadcrumbs, Parmesan cheese and butter. In 8 inch square dish, alternate layers of spaghetti sauce, eggplant, breadcrumbs and mozzarella cheese, with the last topping being the sauce and cheese. Cook in 350 oven until hot and bubbly, about 30 minutes. Let stand 10 minutes before serving.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Breakfast Sandwich

This wonderful grilled cheese and bacon sandwich has a lovely twist, and it's perfect for breakfast. You can leave out the walnuts if you like; often I add thin tomato slices or spinach leaves. Quick and easy, it tastes like you slaved over the stove.

Breakfast Grilled Cheese

3 large eggs,beaten
1/4 cup milk
2 tablespoons (1/4 stick) butter
8 thick slices egg bread
12 slices cheddar cheese
1/2 tablespoon chopped walnuts
4 slices of cooked bacon

1. In a shallow dish, combine the eggs and milk; mix well.
2. Melt the butter in a large skillet or griddle over low heat.
3. Dip 1 side of bread in the egg mixture, making sure it does not soak through to the other side. Place the bread slices coated side down in the skillet. Top each with 3 slices of cheese, walnuts and a sprinkle of bacon.
4. Place remaining 4 slices of bread coated side up over the cheese and bacon bits. Cook for 4 to 5 minutes per side, or until golden and the cheese is melted.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Pulled Pork with Mustard BBQ sauce

Cook a pork shoulder or pork roast in slow cooker on Low or smoker until internal temperature reaches 190 (or it falls off the bone). Let rest and cool for approx 1/2 hour, then pull apart and cook with mustard sauce to taste on low for another 30 minutes.

Serve on toasted buns with coleslaw, either on the side or on the bun. Excellent.
Mustard Sauce

* 1 cup prepared yellow or any other type mustard
* 1/2 cup balsamic vinegar
* 1/3 cup brown sugar
* 2 tablespoons butter
* 1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce
* 1 tablespoon lemon juice
* 1 teaspoon cayenne

Mix all ingredients together and simmer over a low heat for 30 minutes. Cool and store in refrigerator until pork is done.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Chocolate chip cookies

I was in the mood for cookies today, and there is absolutely nothing better than a chocolate chip cookie fresh from the oven. Add nuts if you desire; coconut is great, too. Be creative; make 'em with chocolate caramel chips, or butterscotch, or add dried fruit. You can't ruin these cookies, and you can't find a better chocolate chip cookie recipe. If you need a chocolate fix, there is no comparison.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

2 1/4 cups all-purpose flour
1 teaspoon baking soda
1 teaspoon salt
1 cup (2 sticks, 1/2 pound) butter, softened
3/4 cup granulated [white] sugar
3/4 cup packed brown sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
2 eggs
2 cups (12-ounce package) Chocolate Morsels
1 cup chopped nuts (optional)

COMBINE flour, baking soda and salt in small bowl. Beat butter, granulated sugar, brown sugar and vanilla in large mixer bowl. Add eggs one at a time, beating well after each addition; gradually beat in flour mixture. Stir in morsels and nuts. Drop by rounded tablespoon onto ungreased baking sheets.

BAKE in preheated 375-degree oven for 9 to 11 minutes or until golden brown. Let stand for 2 minutes; remove to wire racks to cool completely.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Garlic Lentils (Lehsuni Daal )

Lentils are very nutritious, filling, cook quickly, and are arguably the most flavorful of all the legumes. We've been eating them since prehistoric times, and as they're high in protein, they're often a staple of vegetarian meals.

And they're cheap.

This is an Indian dish, and it's very spicy. It makes a great dinner on a cold night, but I can eat it anytime, even in the summer. I love lentils. If you can't do without the meat, add some cubed ham or italian sausage.

Quick, easy, delicious, and economical. You can't get a better recipe than that.

Garlic Lentils (Lehsuni Daal)

* 1 cup lentils
* 3 cups water
* 2 tbsps olive oil
* Salt to taste
* 1 onion,finely chopped
* 1 tomato, finely chopped
* 1/2 tsp turmeric powder
* 1/2 tsp red pepper
* 3 tbsps butter
* 3 dried chilies, chopped
* 1 tsp cumin seeds
* 8-10 cloves of garlic

* Mix the lentils, water, olive oil, turmeric powder, red pepper, salt to taste, onion and tomato in a deep pan and boil till the lentils are very soft. Depending on if you're using fresh or dried lentils, it can take anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes.
* In another small pan, heat the butter and add the cumin seeds; they'll pop and sizzle.
* When they stop sizzling add the garlic and chilies and sautee until the garlic is lightly browned.
* Add spice mixture to the lentils and stir well.
* Serve with rice.

Baked eggs with roasted vegetables

This is one of my favorite brunch or breakfast recipes. It only takes about 20 minutes to cook, and it tastes great and seems as if you've spent a long time slaving over the stove. You can substitute skim milk for whole; there's not a huge taste difference. I usually use the skim, actually. I sometimes roast a tomato and some green pepper along with the mushrooms and potato, so feel free to add any kind of vegetable you want. Just remember, cut them small (1/4 inch pieces). You can also throw some bacon or ham pieces in there with the veggies when you serve it if you want. Get everything prepared in pans before you start cooking. Everything goes into the oven at the same time, and you only need to stir the vegetables once or twice, midway through cooking time. Eat with a nice whole grain toast, and it makes a perfect breakfast.

Baked eggs with roasted vegetables

Butter for greasing dish
10 large eggs
1 cup whole milk
1 1/2 teaspoons salt
1/2 teaspoon black pepper
1 and 1/2 cups any type cheese, coarsely grated
10 oz mushrooms, coarsely chopped (1/4-inch pieces)
1 large potato peeled and coarsely chopped (1/4-inch pieces)
2 - 3 green onions, thinly sliced
3 tablespoons olive oil

Put oven racks in upper and lower thirds of oven and preheat oven to 450°F. Butter a 2-quart shallow baking dish (about 2 inches deep).

Whisk together eggs, milk, 3/4 teaspoon salt, and 1/4 teaspoon pepper until smooth, then whisk in cheese. Pour into baking dish. Bake in upper third of oven until puffed, golden, and set, about 20 minutes.

Meanwhile, toss together mushrooms, potato, green onion, olive oil, and remaining 3/4 teaspoon salt and 1/4 teaspoon pepper in a shallow baking pan. Spread vegetables in an even layer, then roast in lower third of oven while eggs are baking, stirring twice after 10 minutes, until tender and golden brown, about 20 minutes.

Serve eggs with roasted vegetables spooned on top.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Lemon Pepper Salmon

This is a quick and easy salmon recipe to make for dinner. The spinach in this recipe is really just for flavor (and iron), but you can add more to make it a regular serving size for everyone. If you want to, throw in some sauteed onions, green peppers, and mushrooms. Tasty and delicious.
Lemon Pepper Salmon

* 2 tablespoons butter
* 2 tablespoons olive oil
* 4 salmon steaks
* 1 clove garlic, minced
* 1 tablespoon lemon pepper
* 1 teaspoon salt
* 1/4 cup water
* 1 cup chopped fresh tomato
* 1 cup spinach leaves
* 2 cups boiling water
* 1 cup uncooked couscous

1. Heat the butter and olive oil in a large skillet over medium heat. Put salmon in the skillet and sprinkle lemon pepper and salt. Add garlic and sautee about half a minute. Pour 1/4 cup water around salmon. Place tomato and spinach in the skillet. Cover and cook 15 minutes, or until fish is easily flaked with a fork.
2. Bring 2 cups water to boil in a pot. Remove from heat, and mix in couscous. Cover and let sit 5 minutes. Serve the cooked salmon over couscous, and cover with tomato spinach sauce.


If you need a green way to carry your groceries home, or just something to carry things around in, this three salmon tote by Ghost Dog Productions is perfect. Three salmon represent the circle of life. Plenty stylish.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Breakfast Burrito

This is the quickest, easiest breakfast ever. Takes about 10 minutes, tops, and it tastes great. Substitute ham or sausage for bacon; add avocado or beans. Make them vegetarian by leaving off the meat. It's all good. Nutritious and delicious.

Breakfast Burrito

  • 6 eggs
  • 1/4 cup milk
  • chopped onion, green pepper, tomato (optional)
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 6 slices cooked bacon
  • 6 (8 inch) flour tortillas, warmed
  • salsa
  1. Beat eggs with milk. Heat oil in skillet. Cook eggs over low heat until set, stirring occasionally. When eggs are still wet, remove skillet from heat, 'cause they're done now, and you don't want them to be too dry.
  2. Spoon about 1/4 cup eggs down the center of each tortilla. Add bacon slice and optional toppings. Spoon a little salsa on top. Roll up tightly and eat.

Monday, August 13, 2007

White Bean and Cherry Tomato Salad

This is a great salad to make for lunch, and it's particularly good this time of year because of the abundance of cherry tomatoes. They're sweet and tasty, and go perfectly with the light rosemary and parsley dressing. If you don't have cherry tomatoes, use very ripe tomatoes cut into small pieces, making sure to add the tomato juice to the mixture. It makes it better.

White Bean and Cherry Tomato Salad

    1 large can of white beans, Great Northern or canelli beans, drained and rinsed or 2 cups white beans
    1 pint cherry tomatoes, cut in half
    1/3 cup chopped fresh parsley

    1/4 cup olive oil
    3 cloves garlic, minced
    1 sprig of fresh rosemary or 1/2 tsp dried rosemary
    1 - 2 dashes Worcestershire sauce
    1/4 cup freshly grated Parmesan cheese
    3/4 teaspoon salt
    1/4 teaspoon black pepper
    1/4 cup of lemon juice

    Put the garlic and rosemary in olive oil in a small saucepan. Heat on medium until it begins to sizzle. Remove the pan from the heat and let sit for 20 minutes, allowing the rosemary and garlic to infuse in the oil.

    Remove rosemary sprig (if using fresh) from the oil, discard. Remove the garlic from the oil, reserving the oil. Add the garlic, Worcestershire, Parmesan cheese, salt, pepper and lemon juice to a food processor or in a small bowl. Pulse until smooth if using processor. If mixing by hand, mash with fork and mix until smooth as possible.

    In a serving bowl, add the garlic mixture to the beans until they are well coated. Let sit for a few minutes so that all the flavors combine. Mix in the reserved olive oil, tomatoes, and parsley.

    Serves 6 to 8.

Fruit pancakes

I often make these pancakes with whatever fresh fruit is available. Peaches, strawberries, blueberries . . . I've even made them with blackberries. It's a great recipe, not too sweet, just sweet enough. We had pancakes at least once a week growing up, and I don't eat them that often now, but it's nice when I do. Quick, easy breakfast. Enjoy.

Fruit Pancakes

  • 1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
  • 3 1/2 teaspoons baking powder
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1 tablespoon white sugar
  • 1/4 cup any type fruit, chopped
  • 1 1/4 cups milk
  • 1 egg,beaten
  • 3 tablespoons butter, melted
  1. In a large bowl, sift together the flour, baking powder, salt and sugar. Make a well in the center and pour in the milk, egg and melted butter; mix. Add fruit and mix lightly. The batter will have lumps in it; don't worry about them.
  2. Heat a lightly oiled griddle or frying pan over medium high heat. Pour or scoop the batter onto the griddle, using approximately 1/4 cup for each pancake.Pancakes are ready to flip over when bubbles form all over top of pancake and then burst.
  3. Top with fresh sliced fruit and enjoy.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Habanero Lime Shrimp

I found this design, and I have it on an apron. Love that bright orange habanero pepper. You can look if you want, right here

This is one of my favorite recipes for dinner. It's quick, easy, and delicious. If you prefer to use a different chili, feel free. I love the ultra hot habanero, but this is easily adaptable to jalapeno, the Scotch bonnet, or even a plain old garden variety red or green pepper.

The habanero chili is one of the most intensely spicy chili peppers. Unripe habaneros are green, but the color at maturity varies. Common colors are orange and red, but white, brown, and pink are also seen. Hot and tasty.

Habanero Lime Shrimp

4 Cloves garlic, roughly chopped
1 habanero chile, fresh or dried, stem and seeds removed
1/4 Cup olive oil
1 - 2 tomatoes, chopped
1 Pound shrimp, shelled and deveined
1 - 2 tablespoons lime juice, or to taste


If using dried chilies, soak in hot water for 25 minutes or until they become soft. Saute the garlic and chile in olive oil over medium heat for 2 to 3 minutes. Add the tomatoes and cook for a minute or so more. Add the shrimp and cook until the shrimp turns pink. Add the lime juice, simmer for two minutes and serve over rice.

Habanero pepper design that says I like it hot, click here

Ham and Gruyere Panini

A panini is a sandwich made on a grill. I have a regular panini grill, but it can be any kind of grill. Panini is also a brand of grill made specifically for grilling these sandwiches.

This sandwich can be made with any kind of cheese. Gruyere is a rich and smooth type of Swiss cheese that is delicious with ham. I make these on the panini grill listed below, and they're great. Be creative; you can mix and match ingredients for these sandwiches, but I love the ham and cheese. I prefer prosciutto, but deli ham works just as well.

Ham and Gruyere Panini

  • 2 Tbsp. mayonnaise
  • 2 Tbsp. grated Parmesan cheese
  • 8 slices Ciabatta bread, sourdough bread, or any whole grain bread
  • 4 (1/4" thick) slices deli smoked ham
  • 4 slices Gruyere or any other type of cheese
  • 1/2 cup roasted red pepper strips, drained
  • 1/2 cup spinach leaves
  • fresh tomato slices
  • 2 Tbsp. butter or olive oil
  • Sprinkle of dried or fresh basil
In small bowl combine mayonnaise and Parmesan cheese and mix well. Spread on one side of each piece of bread. Assemble sandwiches with the coated bread, Gruyere cheese, ham, the red pepper strips, tomato, and spinach.

Butter the outside of the sandwiches, or brush with olive oil. I like it with the olive oil, and then I like to sprinkle it with a little dried or fresh chopped basil right before I grill it. Mmm.

Grill sandwiches on indoor grill or panini grill or griddle until toasted and crisp. Serves 4

DeLonghi CGH800 Retro Panini Grill CGH800

DeLonghi CGH800 Retro Panini Grill CGH800

DeLonghi CGH800 Retro Panini Grill CGH800

  • DeLonghi CGH800 Retro Panini Grill CGH800
  • Adjustable thermostat for grilling and toasting
  • Adjustable height
  • Oil and grease drain with tray
  • Power on indicator and ready light
  • Non-stick cooking plates
  • Embedded heating element
  • High wattage
  • Stands upright with safety locking system
  • Cord wrap
  • Recipe book included
  • UPC: 44387798006

Banana Walnut Steel Cut Oatmeal

Steel Cut Oats are whole grain groats (the inner portion of the oat kernel) which have been cut into only two or three pieces. They are golden in color and resemble rice pieces.

Steel-cut oats are also known as coarse-cut oats, pinhead oats, Scotch oats, or Irish oats.

In comparison, the other main variety, rolled oats, are flake oats that have been steamed, rolled, re-steamed and toasted.

Because the steel-cut oats have less processing, they may be more nutritious than the more popular rolled oats.Steel-cut oats are also nuttier and retain a chewier texture than rolled oats.Like most whole grains, steel-cut oats take much longer to cook than pre-processed oats. You can use rolled oats to make this recipe, just adjust the cooking time and the amount of water. Cook rolled oats according to the package directions, then put the mashed banana, walnuts, vanilla, and salt in at the end. I prefer the steel cut oats, liking the nuttier taste and texture, but it's a matter of opinion, of course. I also like to use Caramelized Walnuts (Nueces Acarameladas)
in this recipe, because they are crisp, honey-sweet, and very flavorful, but you can use the regular ones if you prefer.

This doesn't take as long as it seems; you don't have to stand over the oats for the first 30 minutes. Put it on, drink your coffee; really, the only cooking time is the last 5 minutes. It's rich and nutritious and one of my favorite breakfasts.

Banana Walnut Oatmeal

1 cup steel cut oats
4 ¼ cups water
½ tsp salt
1 tsp vanilla
Handful of walnuts
1/2 cup mashed overripe bananas
Butter and brown sugar, for serving

Combine oats and water in medium saucepan and bring water to a boil over high heat, then reduce heat to medium. Cook 30 minutes. Add the salt, vanilla, walnuts, and mashed banana, stirring occasionally. Remove from the heat when the oatmeal has reached the consistency that you like (thinner or thicker); 5 minutes should yield an oatmeal of medium thickness. If you like yours very thick, continue cooking for an extra five minutes, until most of the liquid has been absorbed.

Top with butter and brown sugar. Enjoy. Serves 4.